The Next Generation in Data Center Cooling

Active Rear Door Cooling using Two-Phase Pumped Refrigerant

Removes Heat at the Source from Low to High Densities


OptiCool a Thought Leader at 2020’s
DCD Virtual Conference

Jim Treadway, Chief Engineer at MITRE Corporation & Bill Krug, President at OptiCool Technologies Present:

In this session, learn how the Pumped Refrigerant Active Rear-Door Solution is answering these multi-density cooling demands while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. Through actual case studies see how data centers are achieving substantial Capex and Opex savings by collapsing into smaller but higher density footprints and achieving as much as 90% reduction in energy use. As both a new build and retrofit solution, could this be the next generation in data center cooling?


OptiCool Presents at DCW 2020
Virtual Conference

Jim Treadway, Chief Engineer at MITRE Corporation & Chris Neam, Technical IT Lead at VRICON Present:

We’re excited to be a part of the DCW Virtual Conference. Don’t miss The Next Generation In Data Center Cooling presentation. Presenters Jim Treadway of MITRE and Chris Neam of VRICON will share their expertise and true performance data on their high density, room neutral data centers. 

OptiCool’s Revolutionary Data Center Cooling Solutions

As data center heat-densities increase and energy costs rise, conventional airflow cooling technology remains unchanged. It is a decades-old answer to a 21st-century problem. OptiCool Technologies is revolutionizing data center cooling with green solutions that support progress, innovation and the environment.

Unlike airflow cooling, OptiCool provides close-coupled cooling at the heat source, reducing energy usage by up to 90%. This superior refrigerant-based system offers a quantum improvement in cost management, capacity and efficiency. OptiCool’s patented Cool Door system attaches directly to any third-party rack, supporting a variety of heat loads and redundancy configurations.

The cost, complexity and management of traditional airflow are things of the past. The OptiCool solution will meet your cooling demands now and into the future. With OptiCool’s innovative precision cooling, your data center will be transformed from an energy and space waster into a model of efficiency.


Compare Traditional Cooling to OptiCool’s Next Generation


  • Carbon Footprint: Up to 90%
  • Energy Usage: Up to 90%
  • Floor Space: Up to 60%
  • Noise Levels: Down to 53 dBa
  • Operating Costs Up: to 60%


  • Need to Cool Entire Room
  • Return Air Plenums
  • Hot Spots
  • Need for Raised Floor
  • High Maintenance Costs


  • Energy Rebates: Up to 30%
  • Rack Densities: Grow from 3kW to 60kW+ per Rack
  • Cooling Efficiency with Superior Heat Capture
  • In-Rack Redundancy: Up to N+2

The Solution

  • Increase Capacity with a Smaller Footprint
  • Scalable Cooling for Multi-Density Racks
  • Design Modularity for Superior Redundancy and Flexibility
  • Reclaim Valuable Floor and Overhead Space
  • Reduce Expansion and Upgrade Costs