The Leader in Liquid Cooling for Mission Critical Infrastructure

Active Rear Door Cooling using Two-Phase Pumped Refrigerant

Scalable - Modular - Redundant - Efficient


  • Carbon Footprint: Up to 90%
  • Energy Usage: Up to 90%
  • Floor Space: Up to 60%
  • Noise Levels: Down to 53 dBa
  • Operating Costs Up: to 60%


  • Need to Cool Entire Room
  • Return Air Plenums
  • Hot Spots
  • Need for Raised Floor
  • High Maintenance Costs


  • Energy Rebates: Up to 30%
  • Rack Densities: Grow from Low to High Density
  • Cooling Efficiency with Superior Heat Capture
  • In-Rack Redundancy: Up to N+2

The Solution

  • Increase Capacity with a Smaller Footprint
  • Scalable Cooling for Multi-Density Racks
  • Design Modularity for Superior Redundancy and Flexibility
  • Reclaim Valuable Floor and Overhead Space
  • Reduce Expansion and Upgrade Costs