3/31/18 – OptiCool Technologies releases the new smaller capacity RPx-020 series of pump systems to their growing portfolio of precision cooling products

April 6, 2018 - 4:46 pm

OptiCool Technologies is pleased to announce their new smaller capacity series of refrigerant pump systems. The new RPx-020 series is capable of cooling smaller applications for network closets, server rooms, and data centers (up to 6 enclosures/racks or 20 kW). They can reject heat to either existing chilled water systems (RPW-020) or directly to the outdoor environment (RPC-020/ODX-020 shown above). They feature a compact footprint and have been designed with both modularity and efficiency in mind. In addition, they are fully compatible with the existing Cool Door® or Cool Row® systems.

About OptiCool Technologies
OptiCool Technologies specializes in providing industry-leading data center cooling solutions. OptiCool Technologies cooling solution helps organizations achieve their Green IT sustainability objectives by reducing energy usage for cooling by up to 95%.

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