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Success for OptiCool Technologies at Data Center World in Phoenix, Arizona!

OptiCool welcomed an impressive turnout of attendees at Data Center World 2019 in Phoenix. The annual event is the leading expo for data center and IT infrastructure professionals, drawing almost two thousand people. As a proud silver sponsor, OptiCool was one of nearly 200 world-class exhibitors. Highlights of the event included the official kickoff of RAMTEK as our new Southwest Sales Channel partner.  RAMTEK provides superior equipment and support solutions for Southern California, Arizona and Southern Nevada. Our team is […]

How Are We Different

OptiCool provides close-coupled solution supporting low- to high-density applications. Our Cool Door is universally adaptable to most equipment racks. OptiCool takes advantage of refrigerant which is more efficient, non-conductive, non-corrosive and non-toxic. Our data center cooling solution is modular by design and offers far superior redundancy options to conventional cooling, in-row and other forms on in-rack cooling. We do not require a raised floor saving on cost for new construction, but can support raised floor if required. For more information […]

Who We Are

As data center heat-densities increase and energy costs rise, conventional air-flow cooling design remains static. It’s a decades old remedy for a 21st century problem. It’s time to replace this antiquated thinking with green solutions that support progress, innovation and the environment by reducing energy usage by up to 90%. OptiCool Technologies is at the heart of this mandate for the future. Unlike air-flow cooling, OptiCool provides close-coupled cooling at the heat source. This superior refrigerant-based system is low-maintenance and […]

Key Telecom Industry Challenges

Overhead and Floor Space ConstraintsRack Density LimitationsDowntime Due to Power Outages

Message from the President:

Welcome to the next generation in data center cooling! This past year I joined an incredible sales and engineering team and was given the opportunity to take OptiCool to the next level in data center design.  Our rack-based Cool Doorâdesign is elegant, environmentally friendly, and reduces energy usage by up to 90%. Below are a few updates on what we have already accomplished this year and what’s to come: Research and Development:  We have tripled our R&D product development budget and have […]

What Customers Say

Listen to what customers say about OptiCool Technologies:

“Not only have we become far more efficient, we also recouped a quarter of a million dollars in rebate incentives from our energy provider.”

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Sr. VP, Large U.S. Financial Institution


“The advantage to us is both scalability and reduced maintenance. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time something new is added to the room.”

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Jeremy Lamothe, Facilities Manager  

Fair Point Communications, Manchester, NH


“I’ve been in this business for 25 years. I’ve never seen any solution more simple, logical and effective.”

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Mike DiGiore, President

MDC Solutions, Buffalo, NY

Low-to-High Density

As the heat density in data centers continues to grow there is demand for a solution capable of cooling the equipment. V-Blocks from Cisco and blade servers from IBM, Dell and many others are the reason why the industry and community is in need of a more efficient and cost effective cooling solution. OptiCool is the perfect match…

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