Cooling and Energy Impact

Cooling and Energy Impact

solarBeyond dollar savings, sometimes it is difficult to relate to energy savings for a large organization. One way to look at energy efficiency is to put it into perspective related to cost, what it would take to generate equivalent power, and alterantive uses for power saved.

The premise here is you can save up to 60 kW of energy for a 2,500 square foot data center by deploying OptiCool® over traditional computer room air conditioning. If your data center is larger, say 5,000 square feet, you can simply double the math to put the energy efficiency into perspective.

Cost of Energy

You can save $52,560 annually by reducing your energy use by 60 kW. Your data center may be larger, say 10,000 square feet, in which case your savings would be $210,240 annually. Each example assumes energy costs of 10 cents per kW, which may be different from your local area.

Generating 60 kWhouse

Solar power is a renewable energy source and is a highly desirable alternative to using fossil fuels to create power.

A typical 3′ x 5′ solar panel can generate 200 W of power each. To produce 60 kW of electricity it would take a sea of 3′ x 5′ solar panels, 300 in total , to generate the energy saved by changing your data center cooling method.

Alternative Use of 60 kW

Energy for residential homes is a fundamental requirement in our society today.

A typical 2,200 square foot home utilizes approximately 2.5 kW of energy. Saving 60 kW of energy could provide power to homes for up to 24 families.