Data Center Challenges

Data Center Challenges

Data center management can be very challenging.  Today, the fastest growing expense for many data center managers is energy.  The heat generated by computing equipment is increasing  Space is expensive and often limited.  Many organizations in North America have self-imposed sustainability objectives.  The predominant data center cooling technology used today, Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs), is inadequate  for high-density cooling applications as well as being an inefficient method for cooling equipment.  OptiCool Technologies provides solutions to these challenges for customers.
hidden costs of cracs

Additional Cooling Required

Adding computer equipment within a data center will ultimately require additional cooling.  Many data centers have “hot spots” which can cause damage and reduce the life of computer electronics.
The OptiCool™  Data Center Cooling Solution offers a substantial increase in cooling capacity versus CRACs and is more energy efficient at a comparable capital cost.  OptiCool™ can also work alongside existing CRAC units to not only improve cooling, but improve overall airflow.

Insufficient Space Requiring Expansion

The cost of construction for data center expansion, or relocating a data center, can be extremely expensive.  An alternative solution would be to change the cooling method from CRACs to a higher capacity cooling technology that can specifically assist with data center equipment capacity.
The OptiCool™  Data Center Cooling Solution utilizes approximately 85-90% less floor space. OptiCool™ can also support densification of equipment within existing computer racks.  The overall result is an increase in existing data center equipment capacity by up to 100% – essentially doubling the equipment capacity within the data center.