Visit us at Data Center World 2019 – Booth 729

Visit us at Data Center World 2019 – Booth 729

March 19th – 22nd, Phoenix, AZ

OptiCool Technologies is proud to be a Silver Sponsor at this year’s Data Center World Global 2019.  Come visit us in booth 729 to see how our “Cool Doors” are revolutionizing the Data Center Cooling industry.  Meet our product team to learn more about how you can “Future Proof” your Data Center.


As data center heat-densities increase and energy costs rise, conventional air-flow cooling design remains static. It’s a decades old remedy for a 21st century problem. It’s time to replace this antiquated thinking with green solutions that support progress, innovation and the environment. OptiCool Technologies is at the heart of this mandate for the future.

Unlike air-flow cooling, OptiCool provides close-coupled cooling at the heat source. This superior refrigerant-based system is
low-maintenance and fully adaptable. The Cool Door® system attaches directly to the rack, supporting a variety of heat load and redundancy configurations.

The complexity and costs of air-flow management are history. OptiCool is transforming data centers with a quantum improvement in cost management, capacity and efficiency. With innovative precision cooling solutions, OptiCool can help you make the quantum leap forward in data center design.

Stop by BOOTH 729 or use the form below to make an appointment to speak with our product team.


• Carbon Footprint:  Up to 90%
• Energy Usage:  Up to 90%
• Required Floor Space:  Up to 6O%
• Noise Levels:  Down to 53 dBa


• CFD Air Flow Modeling
• Raised Floor
• Return Air Plenum
• High Maintenance Costs

 Increase Capacity

• Energy Rebates:  Up to 3O%
• Rack Densities:  Grow from 3kW to 3OkW+
• Cooling Efficiency:  Superior Heat Capture
• In-Rack Redundancy:  Up to N+2

Future-Proof Design

• Capacity
• Scalability
• Modularity
• Space Efficiency
• Adaptability

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Not only have we become far more efficient, we also recouped a quarter of a million dollars in rebate incentives from our energy provider.”

     – Sr. VP, Large U.S. Financial Institution

The advantage to us is both scalability and reduced maintenance. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time something new is added to the room.”
     – Jeremy Lamothe, Facilities Manager
        Fair Point Communications – Manchester, NH

“I’ve been in this business for 25 years. I’ve never seen any solution more simple, logical and effective.
     – James Beamis, AC Technician
        Industrial Cooling Experts – Windham, NH

“We wanted more than just a “solution.” We wanted a partnership. OptiCool’s commitment, support and, in particular, their technology has transformed us and put us on the map.
     – Mike DiGiore, President
        MDC Solutions – Buffalo, NY