Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins

Brand Image Philosophy

After much debate and several creative workshops we have chosen to align our brand identify with the Emperor Penguin.  Our customers have provided us with positive feedback about the brand image we are promoting.  We often receive questions about why we chose the penguin, so we wanted to share our story.

Why the Emperor Penguin

It was our intent to align the OptiCool® brand with a “cool” image.  Our objective was to be “cool” in the literal and social sense.  Instantly, the character “Fonzi” on Happy Days and “Joe Cool” in the Peanuts comic strip came to mind.  Our quest was to find a character image that could represent both “cold” temperatures to support our data center cooling focus, as well as position other attributes of our brand such as adaptablity, strength, fortitude, teamwork and maintaining long-term relationships.  We also wanted to align the OptiCool® brand with global sustainability because we develop energy efficient solutions.

The Emperor Penguin was the natural choice.  We have aligned the OptiCool® brand with the Emperor Penguin because they are creatures worthy of admiration and respect.  The homeland of the Emperor Penguin is Antarctica, the harshest climate on our planet.  Emperor Penguins are resilient, loyal and determined.  Emperor Penguins also mate for life.  After mating they work together as a team and endure extremely difficult conditions to gather food to support their young.  The survival of the young depend on both their parents.  For all of these reasons, we are proud to align our brand image with the Emperor Penguin.

It is important to note the Emperor Penguin needs our help as populations around the world are at risk due to to global warming.  Emperor Penguins depend on the sea ice ecosystem that surrounds the Antarctic Continent for food and shelter.  The number of mating pairs of Emperor Penguins that comprise the colony depicted in the March of the Penguin has tragically reduced from nearly 7,000 in the late 1950’s to an estimated 575 in 2010.  We must strive to reverse the conditions which have led to the population decline.  By focusing on carbon footprint reduction, we can help.

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