Solutions for Telecom & Cable

Solutions for Telecom & Cable

The Most Advanced Cooling Solutions
for Telecom & Cable

OptiCool Technologies exhibited at the 2019 International Telecoms Week

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The most advanced space and energy saving cooling solution for: 

  • Head-ends / Hubs
  • Central Offices / Huts
  • Mobile Switching Centers / Cell Sites 

Unlike conventional cooling, OptiCool provides close-coupled cooling at the heat source. These superior refrigerant-based systems are low-maintenance and fully adaptable, supporting a variety of head load and redundancy configurations. The complexity and costs of air-flow management are history. With innovative precision cooling solutions, OptiCool can help you make quantum improvements in cost management, capacity and efficiency. 


  • Power Outage Downtime – will failover to battery backup
  • Energy Usage up to 90%
  • Required Floor Space up to 60%


  • The Need to Cool Entire Room – removes heat from the source
  • Raised Floor
  • High Maintenance Costs


  • Space Efficiency – reclaim floor and overhead space
  • In-Rack Reduncancy up to N+2
  • Energy Rebates up to 30%