Return on Investment

Return on Investment

The Cooling Solution That
Pays You Back

Opticool Technologies innovative solutions provide true return on investment.
Complete payback of your investment is typically realized in just 3 years or less.
OptiCool is transforming data center cooling with unprecedented simplicity, performance and energy efficiency.


  • Carbon Footprint: Up to 90%
  • Energy Usage: Up to 90%
  • Floor Space: Up to 60%
  • Noise Levels: Down to 53 dBa
  • Operating Costs


  • Cooling the Entire Room
  • CFD Airflow Modeling
  • Return Air Plenum
  • Troublesome Hot Spots
  • Raised Floor
  • High Maintenance Costs


  • Energy Rebates: Up to 30%
  • Rack Densities: Grow to 30kW+
  • Cooling Efficiency with Superior Heat Capture
  • In-Rack Redundancy: Up to N+2


  • Capacity
  • Scalability
  • Modularity
  • Space efficiency
  • Adaptability

Conventional Air Flow Cooling is complex, costly and inefficient:

  • Raised floor and ceiling air plenums are necessary for proper circulation
  • The entire data center requires constant cooling
  • Up to 60% more floor space is required
  • Continuous room humidification and dehumidification is a necessity
  • Large fans, filters, belts, and H20 pans demand frequent maintenance.
  • Hot spots are a persistent problem

The OptiCool Solution is simple, cost-effective and highly efficient:

  • Raised floor and ceiling air plenums are eliminated
  • Removes heat from the source — no need to cool the entire room
  • Increase capacity while decreasing cooling footprint
  • Operating expenses are dramatically reduced
  • Maintenance costs are nearly eliminated
  • Designed to be scalable and modular for future growth


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