Solution Components

Solution Components

Refrigerant Pump System

The OptiCool RPW-210 pump unit circulates R-134a refrigerant to the Active Heat Extractors (AHXs) located in the Cool Door System (CDS) installed in the rear of the cabinets. The pump also includes a chilled-water heat exchanger to remove the heat from the refrigerant.

In deployments where building chilled water is not available, a pump with an indoor chiller unit (RPC-210 with ICP-210) can be deployed.  This is an indoor chiller unit that provides the same system functionality as the pump but contains a refrigerant (R-134a) to refrigerant (R407c) heat exchanger. Both the pump and pump/chiller units circulate virgin R-134a at low pressure (~55 psi; no compression and therefore no oils are used) in the primary cooling loop and prevent condensation by maintaining the refrigerant temperature above the dew point temperature. There are multiple pump and pump/chiller models available to support various power input arrangements and outdoor environmental conditions.


Refrigerant Delivery Network (RDN)

The refrigerant delivery network (RDN) is composed of standard refrigerant-grade copper piping, factory-built refrigerant distribution segments (RDS), which provide the proper interface to the quick-connect hose couplers, and flexible stainless steel hose pairs (HPS), which provide the connections between the AHX cooling units and the refrigerant supply and return lines. The quick-connect feature allows for modularity, flexibility, as well as reduced on-site installation times. The stainless steel hose pairs are a 9.5mm (3/8”) ID flexible stainless steel ribbed design covered with a protective stainless steel braid and are equipped with self-sealing quick-connect (wrenchless) couplers at each end. If electrical isolation between the AHXs and copper plumbing is required there are non-conductive versions of the hoses available (HPI). A variety of standard hose lengths are available to support variable site conditions.

Active Heat Extractor (AHX)

The active heat extractor (AHX) is the functional cooling unit that is installed at the cabinet level.  Each AHX consists primarily of an evaporator coil and a fan unit.  The fan unit draws the hot exhaust through the coil, which causes the pumped refrigerant to undergo a phase change, thereby removing the heat prior to being exhausted into the room.  Each fan unit consists of two variable-speed fans for efficiency and redundancy. AHX cooling units can also be removed and installed without disruption to service.  With the unique modular mounting system in the Cool Door System (CDS), each cabinet can include up to 3 AHX cooling units.

Cool Door System (CDS)

The CDS is mounted at the rear of the IT equipment (typically server) cabinet and removes the heat from the exhaust air. The CDS is modular and can include up to 3 AHX cooling units per door. The design of the CDS allows easy access to the IT equipment by opening and allowing full access to the back of the rack similar to a standard rear enclosure door. The CDS is made of lightweight materials and is readily available in standard cabinet sizes. In addition, there are many cabinet manufacturers that offer “OptiCool Ready” products, where the CDS attaches directly to the cabinet using existing mounting points.  For retro-fits we offer door transition kits (DTK) for seamless integration for all major manufacturers cabinets.