Solutions – High Performance Computing

Solutions – High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

Experience The Most Efficient HPC Cooling Solution

“Hot aisle containment did not have the thermal transfer capabilities required for our high performance computing lab. Chip cooling was never an option so we implemented OptiCool’s refrigerant rear-door and have been extremely pleased with the modularity and performance.”

Lab Director, Government Research Facility

  • Is hot aisle containment limiting your high compute requirements?
  • Having trouble with CFD room modeling?
  • Chip cooling not an option?

Why suffer through the cost and constraints of chip-based cooling or the complexities and mess of immersion cooling? OptiCool’s compact yet powerful refrigerant pumps are designed specifically to support the super high heat of super-computing. Our high-density line currently supports up to 30kW of heat per rack.

Return on Investment

  • Increase Rack Densities: Grow from 3kW to 30kW
  • Increase Cooling Capacity: 30,000 times more efficient than airflow
  • Eliminate the need to cool the entire room

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