The Future of Green IT

The Future of Green IT

Information Technology is an intense user of natural resources and energy. As a consequence, Green IT initiatives are gaining popularity across the globe. There is no industry standard definition for Green IT, however. Green IT essentially embodies all initiatives intended to reduce the impact of IT on the environment.


Data centers support centralized computing and storage resources for both business and government operations. The premise behind the concept of a data center is based on efficiency. It is more efficient to house and manage computing related equipment centrally in a data center. Increasingly, with the proliferation of the Internet and private networks, society and businesses alike are becoming more reliant on data centers and the applications they support. Data center growth measured in square feet is expected to grow at a double-digit rate for the next several years.

Energy Usage

Today, approximately 2% of energy use in North America is used to power data centers. The space requirement for new computer related equipment has been decreasing, while the energy usage has been increasing significantly. Nearly half of energy use within data centers today is for cooling computing equipment. Given the trending on more powerful equipment, and the requirement for more applications, the single largest growing expense for data center managers today is for energy. These trends create a dual problem — increased energy related expenses and increasing heat loads within data centers.

Green IT Agenda

There are many different approaches to promoting Green IT. Recycling IT equipment, upgrading old equipment to more energy efficient equipment and virtualization are two common ways to move forward with a Green IT agenda.

IT Infrastructure

There exists a significant opportunity to improve energy efficiency specifically targeting the infrastructure required to support the data center. In particular, data center cooling, representing nearly 50% of overall energy costs, can be improved dramatically.

How OptiCool Technologies Can Help

OptiCool Technologie’s Data Center Cooling Solution can assist in reducing cooling costs within the data center by up to 95%. OptiCool Technologies has higher capacity and more efffective cooling which can resulting in increasing equipment life. We can help improve the work environment as well by lowering the overall ambient tempturature in the data center and reducing noise levels as CRAC fans are eliminated and variable speed server fans do not need to work as hard.